Stephanie Nguyen
Toronto ON

I am a multidisciplinary designer and developer. I have a great passion for learning and building things that I envision in my head. My passion is for modern, aesthetically pleasing, creative work and getting it into the hands of users.  I have experience growing/leading teams, shipping product from concept to production, developing and executing strategies/processes, and full redesigns.
In my leisure time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching/playing basketball and working on passion projects.

Public Speaking

Host: FITC
Location: Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel

Description: Web Unleashed covers the front end areas leaving you informed, challenged and inspired. It’s two packed days of presentations, featuring hand-picked speakers from all over the world.

Visit: FITC: Web Unleashed

Host: Big Data TO
Location: Metro Convention Centre

Description: Blockchain advancement has evolved from a digital currency infrastructure, into a platform necessary for digital transformation. This panel discussion addresses the long-term promises of Blockchain, from its crucial Cybersecurity infrastructure to its ground-breaking marketing activities.

Visit: Age of Blockchain

Host: FITC
Location: Hilton Toronto

Description: Scaling a product or design and engineering team is easier when a design system is in place. A design system can increase the velocity of features design and shipped. However, sometimes you are faced with design debt where designers have brought their own vision to the team and the inconsistencies are visible.

This talk takes a dive into how to create a design system to help scale your product and team while managing resources to make the design system achievable.

Visit: Creating your Design System

Host: Women Who Code
Location: theScore

Description: Improve your product thinking and to solve the right problems! Learn how to break down design challenges in an agile like environment — meet design, technical and business requirements. In this workshop, you’ll be collaborating with designers, developers and engineers to solve design challenges within certain scopes/constraints. This will teach you tangible skills that are similar in real life work environments.

Visit: Product Thinking Workshop

Host: Networkers
Location: Victoria University, University of Toronto

Description: Technology offers an incredible amount of opportunity for those seeking to enter the job market, but getting in can be half the battle. Women are notoriously underrepresented in the industry, but many who enter the space find remarkable success. That’s why organizations like ours, with vast client networks seeking to specifically motivate female applicants, are crucial to making otherwise out-of-reach connections. We are excited to bring our client network of female tech leaders and a stellar lineup of keynote speakers to discuss and demonstrate the impact women can make in the industry.

Visit: Women in Tech Toronto

Host: Bitmaker General Assembly
Location: Bitmaker General Assembly

Description: A informative panel discussion that will touch on transitioning from student to professional, negotiating terms with clients and the benefits and challenges of freelance life.

Visit: Alumni Insights: Freelance Web Development

Host: Women Who Code
Location: theScore

Description: Code katas are exercises in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition. Each is a short exercise that involve programming and can be coded in many different ways. Some are open ended and involve thinking about issues behind programming. Code katas are unlikely to have a single correct answer.

In this workshop, attendees learned tips for interviews (what to expect, how to prepare etc.) and worked through some technical questions and finding different ways to approach coding questions.

Visit: Walking Through The Hiring Interview Kata-Log

Host: Women Who Code
Location: The Working Group

Description: A professional design panel of industry leaders where discussions were held on the hot topics about UX design and research. What attendees gained were some insider tips, challenges faced in this industry, favourite tools, great research methods and more!

Visit: Dive into Design and Research