Brief Take Branding

Brief Take is an online entertainment magazine that specializes in brief reviews, interviews and contests centralized in North America. As a co-founder, I created the brand and shipped the product in a short timeline of 4 weeks. This project consisted of full branding and identity, user research and web development. Since releasing in February 2017, we’ve had huge successes and grown a loyal user base. Our branding and identity is clean, timeless and recognizable.

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Naming: Brief Take came to mind when briefing with my team. We wanted a catchy, trendy name that told the story they were trying to convey — a name that is not just limited to the movie industry. The articles were meant to be short, digestible and to the point. After brainstorming many names, Brief Take was chosen due to  the fit, character length and availability.

Brainstorming: Many concepts came to mind after researching common trends. Ultimately, I chose a custom icon that played into a briefcase and a clapper. The typeface was needed to be thicker to match icon itself. We wanted a custom sans serif to create a modern look.

Results: My teammates were extremely happy with the outcome of the logo. They felt their wants were captured perfectly. After expanding our online presence, we’ve created a local brand that’s been recognizable.

Find us on social media and other websites such as Advance Screenings and Gofobo.