Lead Gen App

After FlashStock was acquired by Shutterstock, we had a short timeline to rebrand and prepare for AdWeek where the newly rebranded name, Shutterstock Custom, would be announced. For AdWeek New York 2017, my team had a short timeline to ship a product from start to finish within 3 weeks. The goal of the application is to give prospective clients a taste of what Shutterstock Custom had to offer. I led product design and oversaw the project from concept through to production.

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Lead Gen App Case Study

Problem: Prospective clients are unable to access clear platform information that demonstrates how custom content is facilitated. Current in sales call process can be less effective due to missed opportunities to convert prospective clients in a timely manner.

Stakeholder Interviews: Stakeholder interviews were conducted with external brand users, internal sales representatives and account executives, and the internal marketing team. Each interview was approximately 30 minutes. Through the process, we determined the process and identified common conversation topics and crafted our business goals.

Task: Create a mini version of our brand calibration and briefing process that can be used in various marketing facets including: (1) demo stations during AdWeek 2017, (2) our website for demand gen, and (3) through partner sales channels for Shutterstock representatives to send out.

Testing: We were able to get a quick demo app running to conduct user testing in various stages to drive quicker iterations. We conducted guerilla testing using various evaluation methods such as: think aloud protocol, interviews, focus groups and observation. Our primary objectives were to test usability, pin point confusing language, monitor total time of completion, test UI components, responsiveness and error validations. The platform was tested on an iPad Mini which was used during AdWeek.

KPI’s: We would measure this out-of-platform demo on general conversion rate from starting calibration to filling in their info. We would also track usage across different mediums – from events, to web, to partnership sales channels. Finally, we would track pipeline generated from this demo.

Conclusion: We were able to build a stand alone app in a short timeline of 3 weeks to help our sales and marketing team. After many iterations, we came to a solution that was user friendly and met business goals. We had the advantage of taking core components of existing features. These features have had extensive research conducted on and had measurable success points. With a close team and lots of communication, we were able to turn an idea into a shipped product and got it into the hands of many. For future state, I would like to have the user receive a customized PDF garnering stronger results of what Shutterstock Custom is really capable of. More research would be needed on how we can give a prospect direct impact from filling out mini calibration. I would love to see vertical specific questions and to generate sample imagery based on what a prospect inputs.