Prelook Branding

Prelook is a discovery platform that allows users to look inside a company and learn about their people, office space, and culture before applying for the job. From startups to big corporate giants, Prelook curates the world’s smartest companies and give users a sense of what it’s actually like to work at these companies. I led the branding and identity project on a small team of two.

CompanyPrelookRoleLead DesignerYear2016Link

Naming: After a lengthy time of brainstorming, our team came to the decision that Prelook was the best choice for our brand. It gives you the ability to tell what the platform is all about from it’s name. We wanted users to know that this is the place for them to get an inside look and explore.

Research: Research was conducted after finding key terms of what we wanted the brand to represent. Things such as timelessness, minimal, sleek, modern. I looked at many technology companies and what they embody with their brand. We looked at brands we loved and found trends within the logos. Inspiration included: Squarespace, designers such as: Paulius Kairevicius, Samadara Ginige, Aswin Lazuardi and more.

Brainstorming: This is the stage where I took all the research and notes I’ve gathered and began to roughly sketch concepts and ideas. I thought about our brand as a whole and where we wanted to take it. This logo needed to be fitting to that vision.

Drawing: From formulated designs, I took the best ones and spent time drawing them in proportion. Figuring out thickness, length, spacing and creating them to scale.

Computer Development: I took the logo, redrew it digitally and created it into vector form with my team. I chose the colour palette, the typeface and created branding guidelines that would be put into place.